About Brenda

I’m Brenda, a traditional naturopath. I started this site to cut through the repetitive health dogma all over the web and give practical answers to real questions.

I’m the mother of six children. I’ve had to learn to handle everything doctors don’t deal with: a puppy with grass allergies, inflammation causing deafness without actual infection, non-clinical hypoglycemia, bronchitis that disappears by the time I reach the ER, and irritable bladders in several children.

I needed solutions, not more useless advice.

I read every book I could get my hands on for twenty years and counseled with some top-notch doctors and immunologists. I’ve been red-flagged at the pediatrician’s office for being “difficult” (translation: I asked too many questions the nurses didn’t want to answer.) I discovered that health is something you grow, that comes from within. It is a personal responsibility – it cannot be bought, and there is no magic pill.

I finally went back to school and earned my Naturopathic Doctor from Trinity School of Natural Health. This does not mean that I’m a medical doctor, and I don’t diagnose or treat diseases. I teach wellness and preventative health techniques. I enjoy helping others to restore health when it is lost.

I’ve called my site Health by Brenda because these are my views. I am not in charge of health and cannot bestow it upon anyone.

Health is my passion. I will read or talk about it as long as I have breath. Please, if you are struggling to implement something I or someone else has talked about, contact me. I would love to walk through the struggle with you until it’s solved. If something I’ve written is unclear, or you’d like clarification on something else, ask!!  I want to make this site helpful in any way possible, which includes writing what you’d like to see.

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